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Help Wanted - A Tool to Add an Affiliate Store to Your WhyPark Site
I am currently creating an application that will convert a CSV file like an affiliate datafeed of products into custom pages on a WhyPark site. This effectively turns a site hosted at WhyPark into an affiliate store or adds anaffiliate store to a WhyPark site that has other content. I have a working prototype, but I need your help.

Easily Get Some PageRank
I consider WhyPark to be a web hosting option instead of a domain parking option. because one of the things that sets WhyPark apart from other domain parking options is that you can build links to your websites. And as even the newest of webmasters knows, the more inbound links you have, the better. Here's a great tool that I frequently use to get a bunch of free inbound links that pass PageRank.

The Importance of Domain Selection
The trick to actually turning a profit with a website starts with domain name selection. Your domain name is the cornerstone of your site's topic. Make it's scope too narrow, and you'll see a handful of visitors a month. Make it too broad, and you'll end up on page 367 of the search results. Here are some of my tips for selecting a domain name.

More Monetization Options for Your WhyPark Sites
The WhyPark adfeed is a great default option for monetizing your WhyPark sites, but there are a few options for squeezing even more income from your WhyPark minisites.

WhyPark and Subdomains
A lot of people may not realize this, but subdomains can be created and rapidly developed in WhyPark. This gives you a great opportunity to streamline the focus of a particular URL while expanding the focus of a particular domain.

CSS Classes used by WhyPark Templates
Unfortunately, you don't get a lot of control over the HTML spit out by WhyPark's content engine. Fortunately, you can use CSS to format what does get spit out.

Adding Images to Your Custom WhyPark Template
If you were an early adopterof WhyPark like myself or if you have an enhanced or managed account, you have the ability to create custom templates for your sites hosted with WhyPark. Here are some tips for coming up with images for your custom templates.

WhyPark Article Importer
Here is a free tool to help you quickly add custom pages to your WhyPark sites. Watch the short (~3 min) tutorial to see how quick and easy this is!

Better SEO for your WhyPark Sites
By default, WhyPark does not include a keywords metatag in your template. While this is not a super important tag, every SEO worth his salt will recommend you use it. Here's how you can add a keywords metatag without breaking your templates validation.

Make Your Index Template Different Than Your Other Pages

If you look at a site like Top Ten MBA (not one of mine by the way), and then look at one of its inner pages, you'll see that the index page has a large section of text that does not show up on the inner pages of the site. This gives the illusion of having content that only shows on the index page.

This is a great trick, and this article is meant to be a sample of how it is done. You see, I have checked the "Your HTML" box on Add New Page, and these paragraphs are being typed into the Summary Description box. If this custom page were the only custom page I chose to show on the home page, it would appear that my index page had a nice unique content section in the template that did not show up on other pages of the site.

It is important to know that you CAN enter html in the Summary Description box. It is also important to know that the Summary Description does not show up on the actual page if you click the linked article title. This means that you can have a very long "summary" for an article, but then make the actual article's page very different.

A handy bit of Javascript: onload
As my fellow WPer's know, you can't edit the body tag of your WhyPark site. Many novice javascripters will think this means its impossible to do anything with javascript that requires the page to be fully loaded before the code is excuted. Fortunately, they're wrong.

Need something to show up at the absolute bottom of your template?
Sometimes you just can't get your WhyPark layout quite the way you want it. Sometimes you want to be able to put links at the very bottom of the page. Sometimes you might want to throw a few keywords at the very bottom because you think it will help you do better in the search engines. But no matter how you monkey with your WhyPark template, you just can't seem to accomplish it. Here's how to do it.

Specifying UTF-8 character encoding on your WhyPark site
This is a more advanced tutorial for people who use Europeans or Asian character sets. If you don't know what this means, don't worry. If you do know what this means, read on!

Generating extra revenue on your WhyPark pages using Audio Ads
This is part 3 of an article series on making money with domain names and WhyPark.

Get a Small Business Website for Less Than $110
Are you a small business owner without a website? If you are, chances are you think it is too hard to make a website yourself and too expensive to hire someone else to do it for you. Fortunately for you, you're wrong. Here is how you can make yourself a professional business website for $106.94 with an annual recuring cost of only $6.99.

Using your own header graphic at WhyPark
In depth tutorial for using your own header graphic in your WhyPark layout.

The SEO effects of the <abbr> and <acronym> tags
Does using the abbreviation or acronym tag help your site do better in the SERPs?

Making Money With WhyPark - Part 2
Making money online is easy with the right tools. The tricky part is making LOTS of money. Here's one method.

Egads I'm glad I don't live in a Democracy!!
Democracy sounds great in theory, but in practice it just wouldn't work.

Elliot Rusty Harold: Much Respect Is Due
I bow before his knowledge

How To Do Things With Your WhyPark Account
There's a whole mess of suggestions from WhyPark users on how to make the service even better, but several of the suggestions are for features that are already available. Here's a brief tutorial on how to do them.

Wasting money buying domain names?
How to earn some money from your unused domain names, and some simple economics of churning a profit.

Energy Savings with Thermally Sensitive Paint?
Will painting a house with thermally sensitive paint save energy?

Directory Submission vs. Article Submission - Which generates more links?
07/10/08 - This will be a test to see which generates more backlinks: Article Submission or Directory Submission. More importantly, I will also reveal traffic statistics at the end of the test to see which method generates the most traffic.

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